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We try and keep our inventory updated on the website, but this proves to be a bit like paddling upstream on the mighty Yukon. Contact the store if you are looking for something special or if you have been tempted by an item on our social media pages.

Enjoy our collections of new and old.

For the month of December, our hours of operation are TUE through SUN, 12-5:30p.


Because baby bees

  • Our bedding

    Humans spend alot of time in bed. The materials you surround yourself with are important. Check out our beautiful linens.

  • Our hardware

    There's a whole hardware bin full of pulls, knobs, hinges, hooks, locks and brackets. Go ahead and refresh that mudroom.

  • Our accessories

    There are loads of vintiques and accessory items that are perfect for your space or needs. Mailboxes to horse hair kitchen scrubbers.