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2022 Honeybees 4-frame Nuc

2022 Honeybees 4-frame Nuc

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Our 2022 4-frame nucs are coming from multiple sources, and your queen could end up being any one of:

  • Carniolan
  • Buckfast
  • Saskatraz
  • New World Carniolin
  • Carpathian from Ukraine
  • Locals (maybe in late May)

We do not know which queens we will receive in each batch ahead of time for these May dates, so we are unfortunately not able to take specific requests. She will come already loose on the nucs frames within the nuc box (not be caged). This will be a young queen produced in 2022.

The nuc packages will be on new comb, and include a vented, plastic nuc box plus a zippered mesh safety net.

We are aiming for mid-May to late May delivery for all shipments pending interest. Nucs will be carefully coordinated between producers, Urban Bee, Air North and Behind the Barn. Your nucs will be ready for pickup at Behind the Barn where they will be spread out in the shade awaiting your arrival. We will post on our social media pages and contact you directly to confirm your pickup. Your ranking on the list is based on when orders were received.

Because we are dealing with pre-ordered livestock and flight bookings, payment in full is required to secure a nuc. Payment is non-refundable as there are many moving parts to this enterprise; be advised that this information is subject to change. Have questions? Send us a message or stop in to discuss.


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