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4-frame Nuc (2023)

4-frame Nuc (2023)

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June 12, 2023 update:

  • 4-frame nucs are being supplied from interior BC rather than Fraser Valley
    • Queens will be marked, loose
    • 1 frame pollen / honey
    • 2 frames brood
    • 1 partial frame of larvae with space for the queen to continue her work
    • 1 frame empty for heat dissipation
    • Pro-nuc boxes with a safety net on each nuc
  • Shipments begin on Wednesday, June 14 and continue until all orders fulfilled. Please watch your email as details continue to unfold.
  • All flights will be during the evening out of Kelowna via the Honeybee Express, Air North arriving in Whitehorse @ 10:30pm. Pickup of your nuc will be at the store at ~11pm.


These are 4-frame, BC-produced nucleus hives. We choose 4 vs 5 frames of bees for two reasons: weight (freight cost) and heat during transport. Bees overheat very easily when stressed and more isn't always better.

Your nuc will include 5 deep Langstroth frames (the 5th is a spacer and will be empty for the bees to spread out to keep cool) and include a loose mated queen, some capped brood, uncapped larva, bees, pollen and honey stores.

  • These nucs come from operations that are government inspected prior to pick up. 
  • Pro-nuc boxes will be used for shipping ($41 included in price). 
  • We do not know which queens we will receive in each batch ahead of time, so we are unfortunately not able to take specific requests. This information will be shared as soon as possible. 
  • Nucs are from overwintered colonies and include high quality, professional bred queens. 
  • Delivery dates: expecting late May through mid-June. TBC - dependent on weather and colony growth. No guarantees.
  • Your ranking on the list is based on when orders were received. If you order more than one nuc we will make every attempt to ship yours on one date.

Nucleus hives are a high-demand, pre-ordered, pre-paid livestock product specifically made to fill your request. Nuc boxes, pallets and handling labour are also pre-paid for air transport, and cargo space is pre-booked on flights; therefore, payment in full is required to secure a nuc.


There are many moving parts to this enterprise, and details are subject to change. We will advise you as soon as we receive updates. In the event we are unable to fulfill orders due to circumstances out of our control (weather, slow build-up, queen failure, disease, transportation, etc.) or within the window provided above, refunds will be offered.

Nucs will be carefully coordinated between producers, our apiary handlers down south, Air North and our staff. On delivery dates, your nucs will be ready for pickup at Behind the Barn where they will be spread out in the shade awaiting your arrival, and they will be given some water after their stressful day.

Updates will be broadly posted here on our website and on our social media pages. Your order will be confirmed directly with you along with pickup information.


  • Your nucs will need to be transferred into larger equipment immediately. Have equipment prepared days in advance.
  • Do your bees need a secondary transport that we can assist with eg. Dawson City or Atlin? Talk to us.
  • Any issues or concerns must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of receiving your bees.
  • Even with the due care and attention that is given to this enterprise, no guarantees are given with live bees.
  • Certified, inspected nucs can still be affected by common diseases, pests and parasites including the varroa mite and chalkbrood - we strongly recommend you consider mite treatment with a suitable product and supplementing your new hives with Hive Alive.

Whew! Have questions? Send us a message or stop in to discuss.


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