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Wild Wisdom: The White Stag

Wild Wisdom: The White Stag

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THE WHITE STAG stepping from mist and legend, the ethereal White Stag evokes awe and reverence, a symbol of the deep untamed forest. In Celtic & Norse folklore, a White Stag is a messenger from the Otherworld, a harbinger of sacred or forbidden land. In Arthurian legend, its uncanny elusive nature represented the quest for spiritual knowledge, appearing at pivotal moments of a knight's journey, leading the hunt ever onward.

The Wild Wisdom collection is small-batch hand-poured in our Ontario studio, forged from a love of folklore and treasured tales, old ways and everyday magic. They’re crafted with fine fragrance oils, cottons wicks, and paraffin-free vegetable wax. The paper labels are handmade on a traditional letterpress, and illustrated by Annika Weidner.

CHARRED CEDAR & FOREST MOSS Western red cedar, charred woods, damp forest floor, crushed pine needles, forest moss 400g · 100% soy wax candle · approx 85hr burn time (almost twice the size of our classic Folklore candles).


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