1. Do you offer consignment sales? The short answer is yes, but only to artisans. And only after we agree on terms which are different for every artisan. Please DO NOT bring your wares to the store. If you think you have something we might be interested in, send photos to us with a brief description and what you have in mind for pricing. We do not offer consignment agreements to the general public.
  2. Do you buy antiques locally? Sometimes. But please DO NOT bring your items to the store! If you think you have something we might be interested in, send a photo along with dimensions and what you have in mind for a price. We typically hunt for specific pieces and seek only items we can make a return on - this is our business. 
  3. Where do you find your stuff? Everywhere. 
  4. When will honeybee spring nucs arrive? You will be the first (or second) to know! We must be patient with our producers in the spring so that they can identify the extent of winter losses. This allows the industry to comfortably price and schedule deliveries of nucs to their distributors and customers. Live bee sales are 100% pre-buy.
  5. Are you hiring? Not at this time. But feel free to contact us if you are a responsible human who has interest in our products, has a work ethic and is interested in part-time hours.
  6. I heard you have customers who are movie stars? It's true. And in fact, it is you! When you enter the store, you are on camera. There is a sign at the door. Any suspicious or disrespectful behaviour will be captured and dealt with in the most efficient method available.