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Global 15% Pollen Patties

Global 15% Pollen Patties

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Global Pollen Patties contain 15% of real bee pollen. Pollen patties are used by beekeepers in order to give their hives the needed protein for building up their brood. Patties are also an excellent way to ensure your bees have a balanced diet when they are unable to forage due to poor weather or shortage of pollen in the north. 

Global Patties pollen patties contain five simple ingredients; soya flour, brewers yeast, sugar, water and pollen.

Pollen patties should be fed in the spring before natural pollen is available. Feeding should start no earlier than one month before the first reliable spring pollen flow is expected. In the spring, honey and pollen are converted for brood and young bees to replace the old, overwintered adults which are quickly nearing the end of their lives.

To feed Global Patties pollen patties, first locate the centre of the cluster (this is where brood are being raised). Gently smoke the bees down and place one patty on the top bars right in the centre of the cluster. On large colonies, use two or three patties, covering the whole brood area.

Be sure that the side with the perforated paper is down so that the bees have access to the patty though the holes underneath. Strong colonies will chew up the paper quickly. For weak colonies, removing the bottom paper may be advisable. 

Individually wrapped. Buy 40, receive 15% off purchase.


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