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4-frame Nuc 2024 (PRE-ORDER)

4-frame Nuc 2024 (PRE-ORDER)

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These are 4-frame, interior BC produced nucleus hives. We opt for 4 vs 5 frames of bees for two reasons: weight (freight cost) and heat during transport. Bees overheat very easily when stressed and more isn't always better in this situation.

What does your nuc include? 

  • Queen (marked, loose)
  • 1 frame pollen / honey
  • 2 frames brood
  • 1 partial frame of larvae with space for the queen to continue her work
  • 1 frame empty for bees to spread out for heat dissipation ($7 included in price)
  • PRO-NUC transportation box (first-class kit $41 included in price)
  • Safety netting on each nuc ($10 included in price)
  • Handling from the producer's yard to the airport for loading; unloading at Whitehorse Airport and transport to Behind the Barn.

 Nuc notes:

  • Nucs are from overwintered colonies and include high quality, professional bred queens.
  • These nucs come from operations that are government inspected prior to pick up.
  • Delivery dates: mid-May through mid-June window, dependent on weather and colony growth. Nucs are shipped when they are suitably ready for transport and installation. Patience is a virtue. 
  • Once we receive notification that the bees are ready to transport, we will announce delivery dates broadly and then individually contact you with details. 
  • Nuc transportation is carefully coordinated between producers, apiary handlers, Air North and our staff.
  • We cannot accommodate specific transportation requests. If the shipments come when you are away, it is your responsibility to have a backup plan.
  • On delivery days, our staff unloads nucs from the Air North Cargo Offices and move the bees to the store location where they will be stored comfortably awaiting your arrival. Bees will be given water after their stressful journey.
  • Your ranking on the list is based on when orders are received. If you order more than one nuc on different dates, we will make every attempt to have your delivery on one day.

Nucleus hives are a high-demand, high-risk, pre-ordered, pre-paid livestock product specifically made to fill your request. Nuc equipment and handlers are pre-arranged for air transport, and cargo space is pre-booked on flights. Therefore, payment in full is required to secure a nuc. 

Life happens and circumstances change - we understand that. However, if you are unable to fulfill your obligation once you have ordered your nucs, it is your responsibility to find a solution. The good news is that there is usually a demand past our supply chain.


There are many moving parts in this operation, and details are subject to change. Our primary concern is the welfare of the livestock we are shipping and we make every effort to ensure decisions are made along the way to have healthy honey bees and happy beekeepers. We will advise you as soon as we receive updates. In the event we are unable to fulfill orders due to circumstances beyond our control or within the seasonal window provided above, refunds will be offered.

Things to consider:

  • Your nucs will need to be transferred into larger equipment immediately. Have equipment prepared in advance.
  • If your bees need secondary transport eg. Dawson City. Talk to us.
  • If your bees need to overnight (often they come in at night to avoid heat of day). Talk to us.
  • Any issues or concerns must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of the bees landing at Behind the Barn in Whitehorse (not when you pick them up).
  • Certified, inspected nucs can still be affected by common diseases, pests and parasites including mites and chalkbrood - we strongly recommend you consider mite treatment with a suitable product and supplementing your new hives.
  • Even with the due care and attention that is given to all the details to get bees to the Yukon, no guarantees are given.
  • Lastly, beekeeping in the Yukon would not be what it is without the unwavering support of Air North, Yukon's local airline. This isn't your average cargo load (it's much, much stingier). We do everything we can to ensure the safety of their employees and that moving ~400,000 honeybees goes smoothly every year - including reviewing safety protocols we developed along the way. Tip of the hat to them!

Whew! Have questions? Send us a message.


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