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Hive Alive Fondant Patty 1kg (exp. 12/2023) SAVE 50%

Hive Alive Fondant Patty 1kg (exp. 12/2023) SAVE 50%

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What is Fondant?

You are probably most familiar with cake fondant on fancy desserts (for humans). This is similar, yet different! Not interchangeable. Generally described it is a soft, paste-like mass of micro-fine sugar crystals surrounded by a syrup film of various types of dissolved sugar.

Fondant patties are put on top of the colony, either under or over the inner cover, so no feeders are needed. It can be used as an autumn feed but is mainly used to top up over winter, when it is too cold to feed syrup, or in late winter when bees are running out of stores. Because it is placed directly over the cluster, the bees do not have to leave the cluster to access food, minimizing the chance of starvation. Fondant is easy to handle and store and doesn’t cause robbing like syrup can.

Why Choose HiveAlive Fondant?

The HiveAlive Fondant Patty is a premium product sold in 1kg/2.2lbs pouches with the correct dosage of HiveAlive added as well as an optimised blend of vitamins & amino acids chosen for bee health. It is available in sealed 1kg/2.2lbs pouches. Long shelf life, 2 years from date of manufacture.

  • Correct dose of HiveAlive incorporated
  • Additional vitamins & amino acids added optimized for bee health
  • HiveAlive added makes the fondant more attractive to the bees, which means faster consumption than most fondant patties
  • Safe, produced using enzymatic hydrolysis without the use of acids or heat processing giving no harmful HMF
  • Very fine particle size sugar for enhanced digestion
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Only European, non-GMO ingredients
  • Very thin and flat packaging to allow ease of placement directly on top of colonies

When to feed HiveAlive Fondant

Fondant can be fed anytime of the year when supers are not on but is mainly used over winter and in spring when too cold to feed syrup.

Key feeding times are over winter to prevent starvation when there isn’t enough food or the bees are clustered too far away from their stores and in spring when bees are running out of stores or need a boost to get build them up for the year ahead.

Quantity to feed

Feed as needed by the bees. Check hives regularly to see if fondant is being used up and replace with new fondant package as necessary.

Why feed HiveAlive Fondant?

Fondant is essential to prevent the starvation of bees over winter and early spring. By placing the fondant directly over the cluster they always have direct access to food. Reasons they would need it are:

  • Stores too far away from the bee cluster. Their stores could be only a frame or two away but if too cold they can’t leave the cluster to access it and hence will starve.
  • Ran out of food. This can happen over winter but usually happens in spring when the bees are building up but there is no flow yet. They can very quickly run out of their stores leading to starvation and colony loss.
  • Cold snap in spring. The bees have built up and there has been a nectar flow but the weather gets cold again and the bees cannot fly and quickly use up any food they have collected and will very quickly starve if not fed.
  • HiveAlive and vitamins and amino acids in the fondant ensure better overwinter survival, improved gut health and optimal bee health.
  • Fondant can be used in queen rearing in queen cages, apideas, nucs etc.


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