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Fitted bee winter cover kit

Fitted bee winter cover kit

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Fitted bee overwintering covers feature a fitted side wrap with attached top and inner extra “pillow of insulation”. These fitted overwintering covers are similar to the Western winter wrap system but are designed to slip over the hive for quick and easy installation.

  • Long life reinforced PE outer cover
  • Rodent resistant insulation
  • Stainless steel grommets
  • Walls R8
  • Top R8 + Inner Pillow R20 = R28
  • Come with fasteners and straps

The Barn carries overwintering covers in the following configurations:

  • Single hive, 1 storey (S1)
  • Single hive, 2 storey (S2)
  • Double hives, 2 storey (D2)
  • Quad hives, 2 storey (Q2)

These covers include upper entrance grommets.


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