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Lyson 10 frame polystyrene top feeder 3gal

Lyson 10 frame polystyrene top feeder 3gal

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Large feeder for Lyson 10 frame Polystyrene hive kits.

For sugar water, or patties. Has reinforced plastic edges and a stainless steel ladder 3 gallon capacity.


How to Use:

Place the feeder on your hive with the metal gate and slot over the back of your hive (not over the entrance of your hive). If you are feeding sugar syrup, be sure that the sliding gate is closed. Pour sugar syrup directly into the tank of the feeder. The bees will then be able to access the syrup but not drown in it. This feeder can hold about three gallons of syrup. Open the sliding gate in the stainless ladder to feed patties instead of syrup in the reservoir if desired. Simply open the gate and place the patties directly inside of the tank of the feeder.


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