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Lyson top feeder

Lyson top feeder

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Upper feeder for Lyson 10 frame Langstroth Hives - for liquid, or candy. Comes with plugs.

Fits under insulated cover. Remove inner cover and place directly on top of the uppermost box that has bees in it. (Outer telescoping cover should go directly on top of the feeder.) Bees enter from the bottom of the feeder and are kept from the bulk of the syrup by a plastic insert that acts as a wall between the access and the syrup so the bees will not drown. Has a stepped bee ladder so the bees can get back out and down to the brood box.

Made from injection molded plastic.

Do not use an inner cover when using this feeder to prevent bees from getting into the syrup and drowning!


Dimensions:  40.05 x 50.05 cm

Capacity: 4L


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