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Painted Lady Butterfly Kit

Painted Lady Butterfly Kit

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Your Larvae Kit Includes:

  • 8-10 Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae
  • Specially formulated caterpillar diet for them to eat
  • Rearing containers for the larvae
  • An accessory kit with a feeding vial (it has an X in the lid) for the adults, paintbrush(s), and other accessories

You will need (not provided in the kit)

  • A misting bottle with water, for spraying the chrysalis and the adult butterflies later on
  • Sewing or safety pins
  • A flight cage for the adults (also available at The Barn)
  • Food for when your adults emerge (sugar water, orange/watermelon slices)


The Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) is one of the most widespread butterfly species in the world (even the Yukon!). They are a migrant (like the Monarch), but travel irregularly, and don't have a set destination. A female can lay around 500 tiny bright blue eggs during her adult life. She will lay only on host plants specific to her species: stinging nettle, thistle, and mallows/malvas, including hollyhock. Painted lady butterflies complete a four-part life cycle (egg, larvae, pupae, adult).

The caterpillar project will take a total of 3-4 weeks before you release your metamorphized butterflies! Detailed information comes with your kit, and here are additional instructions.

These live kits should be available for customer pickup on May 1 / TBC. 

You will receive a notification from The Barn.

Orders close on April 12!

Do you have a special occasion where you would like to release live butterflies (and not worry about raising them)? Please send us a message.

We are proud retail partners of Butterfly Wings & Wishes, a sustainable, ethical Canadian company.


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