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The Backyard Beekeeper 5th Edition

The Backyard Beekeeper 5th Edition

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Enjoy the time-honoured tradition of beekeeping in your own backyard or urban rooftop with this accessible resource for beekeepers of all skill levels, now in its 5th edition.

More than a guide to beekeeping, 
The Backyard Beekeeper features expert advice for:
  • Setting up and caring for your own colonies
  • Selecting the best location to place your new bee colonies for their safety and yours
  • The most practical and nontoxic ways to care for your bees
  • Swarm control
  • Using top bar hives
  • Harvesting the products of a beehive and collecting and using honey
  • Bee problems and treatments

New in this edition:
  • Natural beekeeping techniques like insulating hives for the winter to mimic the advantages of bee homes in the wild
  • Important new treatments for and updated info on the battle with Varroa mites
  • How to deal with the new antibiotic recommendations for American foulbrood
  • Introduction to new recordkeeping technology to consider

In addition to content updates to reflect the most recent research and technology in beekeeping, the book features a new design with larger, easier-to-read text, many new photos, and a more easily navigable structure.

With this complete reference and the expert advice of
 Bee Culture editor emeritus Kim Flottum, your bees will be healthy, happy, and more productive.


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